Super September

Since our last update, we have had lots going on and lots to tell you!

We started our own Instagram account @milesofsmilesbikes to try and spread the word and follow some of the causes we are interested in that support mental health. We have had some great response from it, with people sharing our content and leaving supportive messages as we go through this journey, so thank you!

We reached the £900 mark for fundraising and as we speak are so close to £1,000- if we can break this, we think we will both start to feel like we are getting there. We had our first email from dream challenges, talking about some of the things we need to start doing to prep for next April. We have to book our flights and sort out passport details as well as plenty of kit changes! We have both bought the official cycling jersey, but will be getting our own printed.

Talking of printing, we have been overwhelmed with the support in preparation for the gig on October 5th at the Old Tavern, Chippenham. David, created the most incredible artwork for advertising the gig, which encompasses exactly what the ride is all about. Andy, wrote us an amazing press release we used for approaching BBC radio Oxford to talk about what we are doing. We have had loads of people going out putting up posters in Chippenham and at their work places as well as social media. We are so so grateful for this and we are more than excited about the gig in a few weeks.

Tickets for the gig are close to selling out and at full capacity for the venue. Rob is in full practice mode with The Real Cheesemakers and So Am I… which is sounding amazing. We have added an additional slot for Nathaniel Ray. He is an up and coming comedian, having just finished some shows in Edinburgh, we are excited to have him open the evening.

Injury has prevented Suzy from cycling now for a month… which has been a real set back. However, writing this now, things are looking much more positive and time is always a healer. Hopefully it won’t be long and we can get back out on our bikes training again. Rob has been smashing the gym, after recently joining with Josh. They are loving spending the time together and realising they are getting stronger week by week.

Lastly, and most excitingly!! The radio!! We were on BBC Radio Oxford last week on the Kat Orman show ( we are right at the beginning if you want to listen!!!). It was an awesome experience and so nice to be able to talk so openly about what we are doing and why. We had amazing support form friends and family and Kat even suggested we come back on when we are closer to the ride.

Thank you as always for being interested in two average joes’ taking on this challenge.

Rob and Suzy x

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